Sharing God's Word Against All Odds - October 14, 2014

This morning I was reading in Luke 8 about the sower. I was reminded of the statistics of sowing the gospel (the Word about Jesus). There’s a 75% failure rate in this. The seed (the word of God) was sowed across a field, and on a footpath in which it was stepped on or eaten by birds.

Other seed was sowed among rocks but didn’t have soil to grow and soon withered. Other seed fell (as it was sown) among thorns and was chocked by the thorns and thereby could not be fruitful and reproduce.

However there was some seed (1 out of 4) that fell on fertile soil and produced an amazing increase.

One thought from  this passage is despite the statistics of only a 1 in 4 return; the seed is still sown. The sower still walks along and spreads the word of God despite the very difficult conditions that exist.

The business community in our culture looks for sure ways to make a profit. It might be siad that they look for a “sure thing” or at last for the most favorable conditions.  Market analysis is done so that the investment can yield the best and most profitable results. I think there is wisdom in this and there are times in which we should use the shrewdness of the world around us (Luke 16).  However, we also balance that with walking in faith and trusting God to supply.

Our encouragement is to, as Jesus said in Matthew 28, “Go!”  We are to go and share. We know ahead of time  that the work is diffiult but if we will keep at it, God will honor His word. His word goes out and will not return empty (Isaiah 55). Even if only 25% receive the Word, we are to continue to share. The Bible says “Faith comes from hearing and hearing from the Word of God” (Romans 10:17).

What’s the worth of a soul?  Is there value in just one person receiving Christ as Savior as a result of sharing the Word of God with many others knowing ahead of time there is a 75% chance of rejection or failure?  The Lord Jesus thought so!

The sower of Luke 8 went out and faithfully delivered the Word and left the results with God.

May we be faithful seed sowers. May we faithfully share Christ with others. May we faithfully tell people what God is doing in our lives. May we faithfully invite people to church to hear God’s word shared. The enemy will work against us. We know that going into this. We know that not everyone will respond; but we go and sow Gospel seed – regardless.

So today, no matter what anyone tells you and no matter how you feel, go out in faith and share with others what God is doing in your life – share the truth of God’s word about Jesus – and leave the results with Him!