Acts chapter 2 - New Beginnings

Acts chapter 2 is a dynamic fun chapter and the reason I think it’s that way is that it marks the fading out of one thing but the beginning of something new.

The thing fading out is the priority or favor that the nation of Israel had as the Old Testament people of God. Time and time again they rejected God and this time they not only rejected God but they rejected His son, Jesus.

At a time when they should have been fruitful, they were barren; that is to say, very unfruitful. They were to be God’s blessing to the world, but they had fallen and were anything but a blessing to the world (Mark 11:12-14).

However, God has other ways to bless the world with His Grace and His presence – He takes the people who were following Jesus, about 120, and uses them to launch His new creation, the church (this is the beginning of something new).

As they meet in prayer while staying in Jerusalem, Jesus baptizes them with the Holy Spirit (Luke 3:16; Matthew 3:11). They are immersed in the Holy Spirit as He is immersed in them. They are gifted, empowered and now Peter stands up with boldness to declare that Jesus is the Christ (Messiah, anointed one of God). If the people will repent of their ways, receive Christ, be baptized, they will also receive His wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit.  The result is that 3,000 were saved that day and the church was now on its way, guided by the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

Perhaps in your life, you have had thoughts like, “I’ve done so many rotten things in my life, why would God want to use me?”, “How can God use me or desire me after all the terrible things I’ve done?”  But if you will just realize that God is not limited by your limitations, errors or thinking, and that He desires to use you in new ways you might never have realized, He will move and work in your life.

Open your heart again to Him. Let His Holy Spirit immerse you, baptize you, fill you and control you, and you will see God doing creative things in your life to reach those in your sphere of influence.