Trusting God's Process - August 8, 2014

21 Days of Prayer - Day – 5  Joshua 1-6  God’s Process!

Understand this, the Victory or Breakthough we are praying for is not an event, it’s a process and God likes the process. So, trust the process.

Joshua is about to lead the Israelites into the new land. The people go through a preparation process of getting ready (Joshua 2-5). They are now ready to take Jericho.

However, taking Jericho was not an event either, it was a process. God could have taken the city in one day but He wants us to appreciate His timing, His process.

Joshua 6:1 says the doors of the city were bolted, no one could get in or get out.

Three things to learn about God’s process:

1)    V. 2  God’s promise is always in His process.  In v.2 God had given the city though it was not yet a reality. That’s God’s promise. God’s promise is always in His process. So we must trust the promise.  Knowing.. The word of God is True!


2)  V. 20 There is tremendous power in the process. When God moves there is great power. The people marched around the city 7 times, on the 7th time shouting and the walls falling down.  Make room for the supernatural to happen when you trust God’s process. God is able!


3)  V. 24-25 There is always purpose in God’s process and promise. The walls falling down didn’t just let Israel in, it also let Rahab out (verse 1 no one could get in or get out).


The scope of your breakthrough or victory blesses you but also benefits others.


So let’s continue to praise God for His process. Trust in His promises, look and claim His power, praying for the supernatural, and knowing  and praising Him for His purposes.