Give God the Password to Your Life - December 19, 2015

In Joshua 6, Jericho was defeated. The walls fell down, Israel was able to go ion and the captives were able to get  out. A great victory of a fortified city.

In Joshua 7, Ai was a very small city. Yet on the initial engagement, Israel was defeated, routed by this small, seemingly nothingless city. How does this happen?

A thought within a thought: Sometimes after the greatest victories that God gives us, we can experience our greatest defeats. Why? Because we haven't given God the password into our lives. By that I mean, we haven't let God have access to our entire lives.

A man by the name of Achan started our devoted to God. Bu then he became distracted (saw the plunder of Jericho), and he was then defeated and ultimately destroyed. Why? He had hidden things in his life. He had not let God have the password/access into his life.

The Psalmist says in Psalm 139, "search me an try me, Lord... and see if there be any wicked way in me."

Today we need to be sure to live a life surrendered to our Father in Heaven. We need to give Him access to every area of our life. Nothing hidden.

When we do, we can enjoy the better life that He has prepared for us.