IN God's Eyes - You are a Mighty Warrior - Judges 6:12,14


S. Judges 6:12 “Mighty warrior (hero) the Lord is with you. V. 14 “Go in the strength you have and rescue Israel… I am sending you.”

O. Gideon did not think much of himself, but God called him “mighty warrior.” Gideon didn’t really think he could accomplish anything significant – but the Lord told him to go as he was and that He (The Lord) would be with him and give him the victory.

A. Today in Jesus, God sees us similarly – as victors, warriors, heroes and champions. We are called his “masterpiece” created for great good things in Jesus (Ephesians 2:10). He wants us to simply go as we are in His strength – and He will guide and give victory.

We should not listen to the voices that tell us other than the truth of how God has created us. Those are the voices of “less” but God is always the voice of “more.”

So today, know that you are His masterpiece, a mighty warrior fit to go out in His strength.

P. Dear Father God, thank you for loving me and creating me to do great things for you. I will go as you have enabled me and lead me.