Would You Recognize the Lord Speaking To You? August 18, 2016

"Mary", Jesus said. She turned to him and cried out "Rabboni." (which is Hebrew for "Teacher").

Mary had visited the tomb where Jesus was buried. The stone had been rolled away and doesn't find the body of Jesus anywhere. She runs, tells others and while they investigate, she is in tears. Two angels appear to her .. they're actually standing where Jesus had been placed. They ask why she's crying. She shares that "they" (someone) has taken away the body of Jesus and she doesn't know where he is.
As she is sharing, she sees someone that she mistakes to be a gardener. It's Jesus. But she is overwhelmed with grief, emotion, dismay, sadness, that she doesn't recognize it's Jesus. She even has a conversation, but then he says, "Mary."  At that point she recognizes Jesus.
So, my thought and maybe a question for you is.. if Jesus appeared to you would you recognize him and if he called you by name, would you recognize His voice?
Mary had experienced the forgiveness of the Lord and she had spent time being taught by Jesus. Yet overpowering sadness hindered her from visually recognizing him.  Yet when he spoke her name, she came to her senses and recognized him. She knew His voice.
Voice recognition, I think comes from time spent with another. Close proximity. Intimacy. I believe it's been researched that babies recognize their mother's voice and smell because of their proximity and time with mom. Mom's (maybe dad's too) for sure recognize the sound of their own children.
Mary recognized Jesus' voice (despite her visual "block"). Maybe the gardener sort of looked like Jesus, but man when he talked, she knew it was Jesus.  He calls out to her when her faith is being stunted by fear and sorrow.
I believe he speaks to us today through the Holy Spirit. Do we recognize His voice? In the Old Testament, Samuel heard the Lord speak 3 times, and each time he sought clarity. Third time is the charm. (1 Samuel 3:1-10) 
Do you recognize the Lord's voice? Do you know when He is speaking to you?  Perhaps you are overcome with fear, sorry, busyness... etc.  There's a lot of noise that whirls around which is the enemy's attempt for us to miss out on God speaking to us.  That's one reason why He says "Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10
So today, pause, listen, meditate upon His word or maybe some tranquil Christian music and listen for the Lord to speak into your life. 
Mary's action item was upon hearing the Lord's voice, she got up and shared with other's what the Lord shared with her.
Listen, hear His voice and then let you action item (next  step) be what He has shared with you.