God is Close and A Safe Place (Person) - August 3, 2016

God is Close and A Safe Place


S. Nahum 1:7 “The Lord is good, a strong refuge when trouble comes. He is close to those who trust Him.”


O. God is a strong refuge - not just a safe place, but a safe place that endures, will not fail, strong. For those who acknowledge Him, rely upon Him and put their faith in Him, He is close. He is next to us. He is proximate. He is not distant. He’s really not the man upstairs, rather, He’s our Father who is near to us. Not just nearby, but right there with us, maybe even shoulder to shoulder.


A.  It is great to have such security, knowing that the Lord protects us. That He is indeed safe. When there seems to be trouble and lack of peace in this world -- He is a haven, a safe place for me. Not only that, but He is right there with me as I rely upon Him. I don’t have to wonder where God is.. He’s next to me, walking with me or waiting for me. But he’s right next to me.


P. Thank you Father for this wonderful peace and security that you give to us (who rely upon you). Thank you for walking so very close with me.