Where Do You Get Your Energy ?

People often remark or make comment about my energy level being very high! It is true, I seem to have extremely high energy. Many years ago when I worked in the private sector, my office was across the hallway from the VP of Manufacturing and a good friend of mine. He also had a lot of energy. We would joke about the two of standing side by side.. His energy was always sort of idling in once place while mine took me all over the place.  With that, people often comment, "where do you get your energy from?"


My answer is two fold. First, by my nature, I'm an early morning person and extremely positive. My glass is often near full to overflowing. However, as I've pastored now for the past 23 years, the energy level that keeps me going and moving forward comes from the Lord.


Paul speaks of this in Philippians 2:12-13 as he writes, " hard to show the results of your salvation, obeying God with deep reverence and fear. For God is working in you, giving you the desire and power to do what pleases Him."


Paul writes and encourages believers to work hard so people can see the results (fruit, harvest) of the new life in Christ Jesus. Our lives should be characterized by obedience to the Lord as we serve Him with deep reverence and fear (awe).  The scripture is very clear that as we obey Him, He works in us and gives us the desire and power to do what pleases Him. 


I think I am safe in saying that sometimes we (as people) don't always feel like we have the energy to go another day, or that we always desire to do that which pleases Him. We might even complain about our energy level being less than sufficient to do His work.  But His word is clear, if we will work hard in obeying Him, He gives us that desire and power (also from the word energy) to do the things that please Him.


The word that the NLT translates "work hard" is the Greek word katergázomai and it means "work, accomplish" – literally, "work down to the end-point," i.e. to an exact, definite conclusion (note the prefix, 2596 /katá); bring to decisive finality (end-conclusion) - Strongs' Concordance


Like many things in the Christian life, it begins with faith. Faith that God will honor His word. As we are determinative to work hard and finish the work God has for us, He gives us more energy to do more. But what I find is that people who lack energy (and I have my times too believe it or not) are those who either slumber too much (no mind over mattress) or others who get caught in "memory lane" (living in the past, or pausing too long in the "good ole days).  The thing we need to do is to throw ourselves into the work of the Lord (Bible reading, journaling, sharing our faith, mentoring others or serving through random acts of kindness). When we do these things that please God, He gives us more energy and more desire to do even more.

Where do I get my high energy level? The energy that I have comes from the Lord because I have determined today to obey Him and to attend to His agenda, not my own.

Thanks you Lord for your love and great grace. I desire others to see from my life that your salvation is productive and truly gives us a better life. I pray that as I, in faith, step up and out to obey you that you will continue to product your energy in my life.