Jesus Offers the "Better Life" right now!

I was reading in the gospels this morning. Jesus shared with his disciples in Luke 18 “…and I assure you that everyone who has given up house or wife or brothers or parents or children, for the sake of the Kingdom of God, will be repaid many times over in this life, and will have eternal life in the world to come.” Luke 18:29-30 

Jesus gives the assurance that those who commit themselves completely to Him will enjoy not only eternal life but will also experience a better life right now. This does not suggest that we will have material blessing (though that may too happen) but that we can enjoy our lives as we trust Him.

What does this mean? I think it means that when the finances are limited, we can enjoy God’s provision of exactly what we may have need of. When we are experiencing sickness or some type of physical ailment, we can have the assurance that the Lord will bring us healing or an extra measure of His grace for us to endure that particular trial.

The key is to make sure that we are trusting Jesus with 100% of our life. That He has first place in every area of our life. When we start turning to other things, we are not trusting and in fact we making that thing that we turn to and cling to as sort of an idol. Jesus wants first place and when He has it, we can enjoy this life right now!

Are you trusting Jesus with every area of your life? Does He have first place in your heart, your desire and affections? I pray that you will turn to Jesus Christ and let Him truly lead you, fill you with the Holy Spirit and begin to enjoy the life that He has for you – both in the future but also right now!