Being Faithful With What God Gives You

As I travel this morning, I think about Billy Graham's recent message to America and celebrating his 95th birthday. One thing that stands out in my mind is how consistent and faithful Billy Graham has been with the gospel message of Jesus Christ. He has served Christ faithfully for 70 + years and age 95 continues to preach the message that moves hearts and changes minds.  He has been faithful with what God has given him.

I read this morning from Matthew 25. Jesus shares several stories about faithfulness with what God has given us.  Jesus shares three stories. The first of ten bridesmaids who had lamps that needed to be lit. Five of them were wise and brought plenty of oil to light their lamps while the other five were foolish and didn't prepare adequately so their lamps went out. They needed to buy more oil. While they were away, the bridegroom came and thereby the unfaithful or unprepared bridesmaids missed out on the marriage feast. They were not faithful with what they were given.

The second story is about three servants who were given bags of silver by a man who would go away on a long trip. One was given five bags of silver to one, two bags of silver to another and one bag to another. While he was away, the servant with five bags and the one with two bags were wise, and invested what was given them providing a return on the initial investment. But the servant with one bag did nothing with it; rather, he dug a whole and buried it in the ground. When the man returned, he rewarded the two who were faithful but he took away the bag of the silver from that servant and had that servant thrown out, calling him worthless. Two were faithful with what were given, one was not. 

The last story is the story of the sheep and goats. It's a story of those who were faithful in ministering to people who had great need (these faithful ones were sheep) and those who were not faithful in sharing with others (unfaithful ones were goats). The sheep, faithfully serving the Lord, inherited eternal life while the goats received eternal punishment. 

As I look at this great chapter in the gospel of Matthew, I see the overarching message of God's desire for us to be faithful with what He has given us. Billy Graham has been faithful and continues to be at age 95. 

Am I faithful? Are you faithful?  Do we multiply what God has given us? Do we offer a cup of water to those who are thirsty? Are we faithful? 

My prayer and desire is to be faithful with what God has entrusted me. You?