SEE THE STORMS THROUGH - You will find peace in Jesus' boat

S.  Matthew 14:32 "and when they climbed into the boat, the wind died down."  (read the entire text: Matthew 14:22-36)


O. It seems that when there are those moments in which we can exercise faith and do something that will build people up and expand God's Kingdom, there's resistance, opposition, ah.. storms (wind/waves of V. 30). But when (if) we persist in our faith and keep our eyes on Jesus and His calling in our life, the turbulence will go away. May we have the faith to see through these faith filled opportunities knowing that the resistance will soon pass.


A. I need to pray - stay focused and persist (continue) in following Jesus' call in my life, during storms, resistance, hardships, as these times will soon pass and I can be found faithful and fruitful and back in the boat with Jesus.


P. father, I pray that you will grant me strength, vision, determination and favor to see through the difficult times and that I might be faithful and fruitful for you.