Look For Opportunities

S. Acts 3:12 "Peter saw his opportunity and addressed the crowd...."
O. God worked a miracle and healed this lame (crippled) beggar. Peter recognize (that all around were astonished by the miracle) that this was an opportunity to share Jesus. "Peter saw his opportunity." It wasn't anyone else's opportunity, it was Peter's. Peter didn't look at John and say "hey, there's your opportunity."  Rather, because of his calling and his gifts, Peter saw "his opportunity" to share.
A. I will look for such opportunities to share Jesus. These are terrific times that I must be aware of and use that time to proclaim Jesus.
P. Father, thank you for the miracles you do in people's lives ( and in my life ). Give me power and enablement (boldness) through the Holy Spirit to use such opportunities to share Jesus with others.