Secret Chambers of the Heart

Secret Chambers of Our Hearts



S.  Ezekiel 8-10

"Then the Lord said to me, 'Son of man, have you seen what the leaders of Israel are doing with their idols in dark rooms? They are saying the Lord doesn't see us, he has deserted our land.'"


O. The leaders of Israel thought that because they had not heard from the Lord that He did not know what they did inside the temple.  Inside God's very temple, these leaders worshiped idols. They did this, they thought, "in secret."


As you read on in the text the result is God withdrawing His spirit from them. The glory of the Lord rises from the temple and then to the east on a mountain and then vanishing. I think of an old testament word "ichabod" meaning "the glory of the Lord has departed" (I Samuel 4:21) that could be applied here. 


When we hold onto secret sin, it is so displeasing to God. He can't bless us with it present in our lives. Some people actually sin in their "secret places (chambers)" thinking "no one, knows." These leaders in Ezekiel did.. and they rationalized in their minds that because they didn't hear from God, He doesn't see or know either. 


However, God does know and when we actively hold onto secret sin, He withdraws His blessings from us. That's why He so desires for His people to repent and turn back to him. 


"If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness." 1 John 1:9


A. My application point today and I hope one for you -- let's look into our hearts and see if there might be a "secret chamber of our heart" that we need to give fully over to God today!  Let's not allow God's glory (his blessing) to depart from us today (I"m not talking about losing the Holy Spirit or Salvation rather God's active blessing in our lives).. let's acknowledge these secret places and give them completely over to the Lord.


P.  Heavenly Father, thank you for speaking through your word today. May we all have hearts that are completely given over to you. In Jesus name, there will be no secret places .. nothing but complete openness to receive all the blessings you have for us.